La Vie en BonBon – Cheese cake with Earl Gray

수제 케익도 팔고, 제빵 교실도 여는 카페에 다녀왔어요. 근방에서 꽤 유명하다고 하네요.

La Vie en BonBon is a cafe selling homemade cakes and also operate baking classes. This place is pretty famous around by far.


  • Restaurant name : LaVie en BonBon (라비앙봉봉)
  • Location : 서울시 마포구 서교동 404-19 2층 (2nd floor, 404-19, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea)
  • Menu : Various homemade cakes and beverages
  • Price : Citron squash 7,000won, earlgray cheese cake 5,000won
  • Why I like here : Moderately sweet cake
  • Contact : 02-556-5565
  • Homepage :


2층에 있는 카페이고, 간판이 한글로 크게 적혀 있어요.

The cafe is on the second floor, and the sign outside is written big in Korean.


따뜻하고 아늑한 분위기의 카페예요. 음료 하나와 케익 하나를 주문했는데, 서비스로 무화과 빵 하나를 추가로 주셨답니다.

The atmosphere of the cafe is warm and cozy. We ordered one beverage and a piece of cake, and they gave us a small fig cake for free service.


  • 얼그레이 치즈케이크 (Earl Gray Cheese Cake)
  • 얼그레이 향이 은은한 베이크드 치즈 케이크 (Baked cheese cake with delicate Earl Gray flavor)


케익 색깔은 얼그레이 홍차와 비슷한데, 의외로 맛은 그냥 치즈케익이 조금 뻑뻑해진 것과 비슷해요. 단 것은 싫어하시는데 치즈케익 좋아하시는 분들은 좋아할 것 같아요. 기대가 많았는데 조금은 아쉬운 케이크였어요.

The color of the cake is similar to the Earl Gray tea, but the taste is just like any other cheese cake. Actually it is more stiff. Those who love cheese cake but doesn’t like sweets would like this cake. As compared with expectation, the taste was normal.

  • 유자 스쿼시 (Citron Squash)
  • 천연과일에 톡 쏘는 탄산수가 들어간 스쿼시 (Squash with natural fruit and tangy carbonated water)



유자가 오독오독 씹히는 유자스쿼시예요. 상큼하고 시원해서 좋았어요. 독특하지는 않지만 맛있는 메뉴예요.

Citron squash with real chewy citron pieces. It was fresh, sweet and sour. Though it’s not unique, it is really delicious.


서비스로 주신 무화과(fig) 빵이예요. 사실 여기서 이게 제일 독특하고 맛있었어요~ 진짜 무화과가 들어있고 부드러우면서 촉촉해요.

Mini fig bread for free service. Actually, this was the most unique and delicious menu what we ate here. It has real fig in it, and the bread is soft and moist.

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